Pli — Revue
Architecture & édition
Pli 04 – Matter(s)/Material(s)
September 2018

Pli is an annual magazine that questions the interactions between architecture and publishing. Each issue interrogates the timelessness of these two fields, their object value and the human scales on which they play. Pli is first and foremost the result of concrete collaborations, whether between the authors, the illustrators, the partners, or simply the personalities we meet and help move the thought process forward.

Lovers of paper publishing, the team always wanted to create a real object with a strong identity, not least thanks to the use of different types of paper and printing methods.

Through the use of paper, various encounters, collaborative events and contrasting perspectives, Pli has become a co–disciplinary platform that strives to rethink and question these trades.

Pli 01
12 45 09
Arman Mohtadji
Lancement de Pli 03 au Hasard Ludique

Pli is available for sale in à sélection of bookstores in France, Belgium, Canada (Québec) as well as in the U.K. If you wish to sell it in your bookstore, kindly send us an email to

Librairie Flammarion – Centre Pompidou
19 Rue Beaubourg
75004 Paris
Librairie Yvon Lambert
108 rue Vieille du Temple
75003 Paris
Librairie de la Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
1 Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre
75116 Paris
Librairie du Centre Culturel Suisse
32 Rue des Francs Bourgeois
75003 Paris
Librairie du Palais de Tokyo
13 Avenue du Président Wilson
75116 Paris
Librairie du Pavillon de l’Arsenal
21 Boulevard Morland
75004 Paris
20 rue Dupetit-Thouars
75003 Paris
Librairie Volume
47 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris

17B rue de Crimée 75019 Paris

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Site en version Bêta.
par le combo

Lecture at Musée des Arts Décoratifs et du Design in Bordeaux

Informations et inscriptions
© Agents de police municipale devant l'hôtel de Lalande, début du XXe siècle. Archives du MADD.

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Pli 02 (out of stock)


Pli 02 – Format(s)
Version au façonnage inversé
Derniers exemplaires

Pli annonce sa quatrième couleur

Pli 03 – Conflit


Contents of this third issue:
Arlette Dreyfus, Kiel Bonhomme, Charlotte Allard, Clarisse Genton, Sébastien Hayez, Léonore Conte, Carlo Menon, Sara Bouzgarrou, Carla Frick-Cloupet, Clement Rabourdin for ArchiMakers, Eliza Culea Hong, Marie Tesson and Adam W. Pugliese, May Anne Bénédic, Foxtrot Collective, BXLMRS and the digital contribution of Twistudio to see on / And the digital contribution by Twistudio available at

With creations of 16 ILLUSTRATORS:
Atelier Bipoint (Julie Bellier / Catherine Staebler), Yann Bastard, Antoine Beauvois, Magali Brueder, Severine Dietrich, Nathalie Dupasquier, L’ENCREUR (Romain Pedebosq), Marie Guillard, Margaux Henry–Thieullent, Adèle Jolivard, Amélie Lehoux, Paul Loubet, Zoom (Louzoun Thomas), L’Oeil du Pigeon (Patrice Rambaud), Studio Fables, Studio Les Canailles (Jéremie Leblanc / Diane Marissal), Super Terrain (Quentin Bodin / Luc de Fouquet / Lucas Meyer).

André Tavares, architect and curator
Learning From Europa, design duo
Aurélien Farina, graphic designer and artist and Jérémie Bardet, curator at Signe, national graphic center in Chaumont

Izberg, photographers
Ronan Bouroullec, designer
Thomas Hedger, illustrator
Pe Testard, photographer
Countach Studio, design studio

Plateforme de l'exposition Sous Pli

sur Brutalist Websites
Des. graph. et dév. par Guillaume Ruiz

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Pli is in the Reading Break

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Interview : Exposition Sous Pli

Interview directed by Lucas Bacle (brumm) for Sous Pli exhibition at Le 308, House of Architecture of Aquitaine, with the participation of the team of Pli, Nicolas Delbourg (NDbrg) and Clémence Prévost.
Watch the movie

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La revue Pli s’expose à la Maison de l’Architecture de Bordeaux

by Le Type

Le conseil national de l'Ordre des Architectes présente Sous Pli

Revue Pli : Numéro 03

"Pensée comme un outil de réflexion et de recherche, la publication articule entre eux textes, photographies et illustrations – toujours sur fond émeraude –, dans le but de faire rimer architecture, paysage et urbanisme, et métiers du livre et de l'image, créant de cette manière une unique plateforme d'expression pour des domaines créatifs multiples." by ArchiDesignClub by MUUUZ

New exhibition at le 308 in Bordeaux

Sous Pli – Collaborative Process Approach
Opening Nov. 16, 2017 - Exhibition from Nov. 17 to Dec. 22 2017 included.
The exhibition, designed in collaboration with the graphic designer Nicolas Delbourg (NDbrg), launches a process that commits contributors and illustrators to make tangible, the inaccessible back of the production of a collaborative work. This installation inspects the backstage of physical production (Risography, Screen printing and Offset) and conceptual (writing, exchange, debate, reflection). This creates common spaces of errors and successes, erasures and repealed sketches.
It's telling the story of the project. Create a narrative in motion by the pitfall of the magazine and engage in a less fixed way to present it. Many exchanges are presented as clues to the design of the book (mails, letters, sketches), but also interventions by illustrators and authors in the space are encouraged.
Facebook Event Sous Pli Platform

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Invitation by Collectif Blanc for the exhibition Édition / Forme / Expérimentation (remix)

In this revisited version of their exhibition Édition / Forme / Expérimentation the duo Collectif Blanc, composed of graphic designer Marie-Ève Tourigny and publisher Catherine Métayer proposes a singular curatorial vision, both off-the-wall and erudite, that highlights the printed publications of fifty local and international artists.
Photo. : Jean-Michael Seminaro photographer 

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Sous Pli : La revue se dénude au 308

Montage of the exhibition Sous Pli in Le 308, Maison de l'Architecture

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Offprint 2017

To celebrate the 8th edition of Offprint Paris, from 9 – 12 November 2017, 130 independent publishers in art, photography and design, from 19 different countries, come together at the Beaux–Arts in Paris.
© Plan of Palais des Beaux Arts, Paris. François Debret, Félix Louis Jacques Duban. Conway Library, Courtauld Institute of Art.

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par the Librairie Mollat in Bordeaux

Pli 03 — Conflit

We will present the new issue on 26 October 2017 at the CIVA Foundation in Brussels.
Event Facebook
Photographie : Luc Bertrand.

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Les jeudis du design

This year, we open the conference cycle at Ecole Condé Paris on Thursday 19 October at 7pm.
Facebook Event & reservations.

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Pli 03

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Pli 03 at the Flammarion Centre Pompidou Bookshop

Pli 03 is available in bookshops since September 27th, 2017. You want to propose Pli in your bookshop? Write us at

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Launching at Hasard Ludique for Pli 03

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image/svg+xml 03

& édition

Pli 03 — Conflit

Pli showcases a series of themes and colors. After a first issue centered on hypertextuality, then a second one focusing on the different ways of interpreting the question of format(s), this third opus has prolonged the thought process towards the question of conflict.
This issue generates true questions about the apprehension of our trades, our practices and not least the world that surrounds us. To surpass a limited, negative conception governed by the apology of violence, fear and division seemed the right way to go. In a world where fear often wins, we have used this issue as an opportunity to fight against it.

How do you deal with the notion of conflict in(between) Architecture and Publishing, with sixteen authors and sixteen illustrators?

Together, we have developed a dual form of research, written and visual at the same time. An issue working with mirror–reflections imagined and designed as a research tool. The productions allow to deal with conflict on a broad spectrum. Through this new magazine, conflict will be understood through movement and the traces on territories, through a way of thinking the evolution in the disciplines of the forms of publication and knowledge, through the apprehension of new languages and learning methods subjected to intellectual and geographic tensions through the practices’ emancipation and finally through the idea of a conscience of the mutation of trades and a form of conflict in space and time.
Pli 03 looks to illustrate the synergy of the professions of space with those of paper: the architecture, urbanism, landscape, graphic design, publishing, and illustration players. These thoughts enable the encounter between these fields, thus the apprehension and creation of new tools of communication.
To give an account of the positive aspects of conflict allows for the resolution of problems.

Avec the authors:
Ariane Arève Dreyfus, Kiel Bonhomme, Charlotte Allard, Clarisse Genton, Sébastien Hayez, Léonore Conte, Carlo Menon, Sara Bouzgarrou, Carla Frick–Cloupet, Clément Rabourdin pour ArchiMakers, Eliza Culea Hong, Marie Tesson et Adam W. Pugliese, Mai Anne Bénédic, Foxtrot Collective, BXLMRS

With the illustrators :
Atelier Bipoint Yann Bastard Antoine Beauvois Magali Brueder Severine Dietrich Nathalie Dupasquier L’ENCREUR Marie Guillard, GOMARHT Adèle Jolivard Amélie Lehoux Paul Loubet Zoom [Louzoun Thomas], L’Oeil du Pigeon Studio Fables Studio Les Canailles et Super Terrain

With the conversations:
André Tavares, Learning From Europa and Aurélien Farina/Jérémie Bardet (Le Signe)

With the collaboration:
Izberg Photographes, Ronan Bouroullec, Thomas Hedger, Pe Testard and Countach Studio

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    Risographie, Offset, sérigraphie
  • Papiers


Pli 03 is available

Photographie : Luc Bertrand.

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Pli 03 – Conflit

The magazine released its new issue on September 27, 2017 at Hasard Ludique in Paris.
Event Facebook.
Design graphic: Countach Studio.

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Printing with illustrators and authors for our next issue in Paper! Tiger! New formats and new short reports named “L'ENVERS” on the progress of the publication by the team.
Production by brumm Music: The George Kaplan Conspiracy. See the movie

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Pli dans figure dans les revues d’architecture du Conseil national de l’Ordre des architectes

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Pli 02 is part of the A PRINT exhibition organized by Studio Nock

A PRINT is a collection, an open archive and an exhibition of independent architecture publications and zines. The ambition is to promote and showcase alternative publications for innovative commentary and criticism on architecture.
These publications are an important contribution to the architectural discourse, allowing for independent, mainly non-profit, editors to cover a broader range of topics than what is custom in conventional architectural magazines. During three weeks, the exhibition A PRINT can be seen at Södra Larmgatan 7 in Gothenburg. Copyright : Samuel Petersson.

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Pli 03 in pre–order

After the theme of Hypertextualité and Format(s), Pli 03 turns to a new theme: the Conflict. At the heart of the links between architecture and publishing, the conflict is a particularly relevant notion to be approached, as a call on second thought and to the optimism.
For each preorder, you are offered a Pli totebag printed by Antonin+Margaux, a Nantes based workshop.
Pre–order here

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Loopback of Pli 03

The good news is that we are in loopback and that we have full of work! Next meeting: Pli 03 –Conflict, September 27 in Paris.

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Meeting with illustrators and authors for our next issue. New formats and new short reports named “L’ENVERS” on the progress of the publication by the Brumm team, in the premises of Lemoal & Lemoal Architectes.
Music: The George Kaplan Conspiracy. See the movie

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Workshop Re–Format(s)

“Re-Format (s)” is a project conducted with BTS 2nd Graphic Design Students from the Ecole de Condé (Bordeaux – Créasud). Initiated by Nicolas Delbourg (Agenge NDbrg) and Pli, allows a first approach of the work of the review and the elaboration of 18 publications, reflection of the 18 articles of Pli 02 – Format (s). ”

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Magazine of the week : Pli #2

Interview Pli : un 3ème numéro au bord du conflit

by the magazine Étapes

Call for submissions for the next issue: articles & illustrations

The next issue, Pli 03, will approach the “Conflict” theme. This year, two different call for submissions are done: one for the articles, the other one for illustrations & graphic design. You are invited to download the application’s folder with all the required informations.
Architects, Urban Planners, Landscapers and Space Designers, Publishers, Book Sellers, Illustrators and Paper Designers… are invited to send an abstract or a graphic creation/photography before February, 1st, 2017, midnight at
Facebook Event

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Offprint Paris 2016

The whole team makes an appointment with you on November 10th, 11st, 12nd & 13rd 2016 at Beaux-Arts de Paris for Offprint Festival. Created in 2010, Offprint Paris is a show dedicated to independent publishing practices.
The show makes a selection of world wide publishers & publications spreading out of the traditional commercial networks: artists’ publications, photograph’s ones, Graphic Desiners’ or even publication from art schools, research centers, independent commissioners. Offprint gathers every year a bigger and bigger public interested by the vitality of new editorial practices.

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Collaboration with Peaks

Peaks & Pli
The launching at Pavillon de l’Arsenal in paris had been the occasion to create a unique stage design to welcome the new issue.
“The project is located at the ground floor of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.
Thanks to only one material and a simple system, the project permits a spacial experiment which is questioning the usual practice of this space with a loop turned to the street, just for one night.
The installation is rounded along the existing structure creating an apse according to the building position. By retightening the Pavillon’s space, this surrounding wall is changing the way people look and make them raise their head across the central stairwell and underline the height of the building.
For a very limited time, this intervention permits to create a singular space at the disposal of Pli – Revue and its new issue, completely unleashed of the current exhibition of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal. She truly becomes a support open to formats, medium and content.” Copyright : Giaime Meloni.

Partage: Tw, Fb.

image/svg+xml 02

& édition

Pli 02 – Format(s)

Above and beyond the thematic propinquity, or else the centers of interests, this form of collective activity can be compared with a cooperative apprenticeship, with the difference that the strong autonomy left to contributors allows eventually to characterize the whole. It is what allows this magazine to play its part by offering forums to architects where they may express themselves, but also to others creative types. New generation, new standards, new laws, new jobs and new youth, the magazine tries to speak with one voice. It is composed by its authors as much as by its designers, in a process of ongoing discussion. In this second issue, Pli expands on topics raised by that of Format(s). A multi-facetted concept that alternately conjures certain notions and their opposite, format is also an opportunity for the magazine to be envisaged from various paper tools. Opened or closed, the the publication 16 × 24 cm format and illustrated inserts, from A3 to A7, are a first step towards deeper reflection.
With this thematic, we are able to question all at once the content and form of the "magazine”, providing us with the opportunity to explore through seven chapters more clear-cut notions.

Avec the authors :
Pedro Gonçalves, Laurent Lescop, Léa Baudat, Cigdem Talu, Office FBCC, Amandine Romanet, Romain David, Giaime Meloni, Thaly Crespin, Emmanuelle Lauzier, Marie Lafourcarde, Pierre David, Quentin Debenest, Benjamin Aubry, Céline Cassouret, David Malaud, Joanne Pouzenc, Julien Borrel, Audrey Touchette, Robert Van Altena et Bérangère Armand

Avec the illustrators :
Atelier Bingo Fakepaper Lisa Laubreaux Maxime Mouysset Building Paris Twice Yann Kebbi Samuel Eckert Print Van Paris

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    Offset, Risographie, Sérigraphie
  • Papiers

    Munken blanc 90g, Keaykolour Original 250g Royal Blue, Maine Green Gloss 90g

Pli 02 was launched at Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris

All the team of Pli, invite you to the launch of Pli 02 – Format(s).

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Publication sur l'instagram de la revue Étapes

par le magazine Étapes

Présentation de la revue Pli au Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Collaboration with 10 point 15

The webzine 10 point 15 interviewed the team for the occasion of the launching of Pli 02. Their website will be entirely dedicated to the issue during all the month of September. You will find a video of the team interviewed by Julie Parmentier, co-founder of the webzine, video produce by Aurélien Sanhez.
See the movie

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Présentation de Pli 02 à la librairie Archipel à Lyon

A presentation of Pli 02 is also organised to the bookstore Archipel in Lyon on October, 1st 2016. The perfect occasion to talk together about the issue! Free entrance, we cannot wait to see you there!

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Pli in Montréal at Village au Pied–du–Courant

Pli 01 in the Reading Room created by Atelier PAK !
Copyright: Jean-Michael Seminaro.

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Offset lancé à l'Imprimerie Escourbiac

After a year of hard work on Pli 02 – Format(s), it is finally time for printing ! Around 40 people had participate to this issue ! The printing company Escourbiac is in charge of the Offset. A fascinating day with the Director who have explained all specificities of the UV light Offset printing as well as all other printing or even shaping books processes. Pli 02 is between very good hands !

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Pli 02 in pre–order

Pli 02 is now available in a limited pre-order edition !
Watch out, you have two choices: to pick it up during the launching in September in Paris, or to receive it directly in your mail box. With one pre–order you offer your support to the issue’s printing and you make your part to the birth of the next issue.

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Soutenons PLI !

par la revue d'architectures

Architecture & Édition pour le meilleur

by Kiblind

A year with Pli 02

And if we would ask illustrators and graphic designers, not used of the architecture, to participate and to create thanks to the articles written for the next issue of Pli? We can find 8 Illustrators/Graphic Designers like studio Twice, Building Paris, Yann Kebbi, Maxime Mouysset, Lisa Laubreaux, Fakepaper, Samuel Eckert et l'Atelier Bingo.
Aurélien Farina, aka Paper ! Tiger !, Graphic Designer and Printer, is in charge of all the prints.
See the movie

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Pli rentre au journal des revues culturelles

on the journal Entrevues

Pick Me Up Festival (London)

The team was in London on the weekend of 23rd–24th April and went to the Pick Me Up festival to see what is done on the other side of the Channel in term of Design Graphic and printing ! We met there some artists and ink and paper’s craftsmen, where we created our own visuals by mixing some technics such as typography (stamp) and drawings (screen printing). Copyright: Ben PG.

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Sélection des nouvelles parutions

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Pli 01 sold-out

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Déplié 01 at l'Atelier Méraki

We are unfolding ! Pli has invested, in collaboration with Cuarto, Architecture publication, the Atelier Meraki, in Paris, from 16th to 18th October. The event gathered different kind of people working into architectural and publishing fields (readers, authors, publishers, graphic designers, publication creators). One of the goal of the event was to generate discussions around those two fields. The both publications, Pli and Cuarto, have proposed to unfold their own content in 3D space and show it off on the wall of the Atelier Meraki. The idea was to extend and improve the writing works by modifying the point of view thanks to an exhibition, some workshops, and art performances.

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Pli, nouvelle revue d'architecture et d'édition

Pli 01 launching at Librairie Volume, Paris

Pli was lounched on 24th September at Librairie VOLUME. Nearly a hundred of copies have been sold in a festive mood under the sign of printing. Print Van Paris, itinerant screen printers, printed with the help of visitors 2 different screen printed posters, created by Ruohong Wu, Graphic Designer and Architect, and Delphine Dussoubs, Graphic Designer.
1200 postcards printed in risography were designed for the occasion by Camille Célestin (FR), Melody Leblond (FR), Ruohong Wu (UK) and Gabrielle Renault (FR).
150 tote bags were also screen printed, designed in collaboration with Cols Boutonnés, graphic design and publishing lab’.

Partage: Tw, Fb.


by the magazine Étapes

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Pli, la revue, ou quand 1+1+1=1

by the magazine Balthazare

image/svg+xml 01

& édition

Pli 01 – Hypertextualité

Pour ce premier numéro, Pli se penche sur la question de l’hypertextualité, concept à l’origine littéraire, composé du préfixe “hyper” qui signifie “supérieur à la normale”, et de “textualité” qui renvoie inexorablement au texte écrit. Leur association devient intéressante en ce sens qu’elle engage au dépassement de la linéarité de ce dernier, qu’elle incite à explorer toujours plus. Développée par Gérard Genette dans son ouvrage Palimpsestes. La littérature au second degré (1982), l’hypertextualité est une des cinq formes possibles de la transtextualité, que le critique littéraire définit comme la “relation unissant un texte B (hypertexte) à un texte antérieur A (hypotexte) sur lequel il se greffe d'une manière qui n'est pas celle du commentaire”.
Parler d’hypertexte, c’est aussi parler de notre relation à l’information sur le Web. Sans s’opposer, l’imprimé et le numérique se complètent et s’acceptent. La navigation digitale a ceci de positif qu’elle permet – notamment par le biais des mots surlignés en bleu #0000FF1 – d’approfondir toujours plus, de partir à la dérive, d’explorer des contrées inattendues… dans une sorte de course à l’essence informative. Là où la revue, le magazine ou le livre imprimé, malgré leur valeur physique indéniable, sont des objets achevés. C’est sans doute là une des différences fondamentales entre ces deux médias.

Rassembler/nouer, procéder, voyager, créer la ville, dynamiser... Ce que provoque l’hypertextualité apparaît dans ce premier numéro de Pli à travers le jeu des contributeurs. Parfois dans la forme, parfois dans le contenu, souvent dans les deux concomitamment. Tout à la fois vaste et pourtant circonscris à la relation entre architecture et édition, cette thématique nous permet d’aller ailleurs et de s’intéresser à des disciplines connexes. Au fil des pages et des articles, vous trouverez des éléments de réponses, des recherches, des prises de position, des pensées plus légères sur questions importantes, des fictions et des créations spécialement pensées pour Pli. Tous permettent d’aller plus loin, pour certaines par le biais de références littéraires ou de bibliographies détaillées, d’autres en renvoyant à une interface numérique ou encore à d’autres projets.

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    Français, Anglais
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    Risographie, Offset
  • Papiers

    Munken blanc 90g, Keaykolour Original 250g Royal Blue, Maine Green Gloss 90g

Pli 01 entirely fund through crowdfunding

For its first issue, which will be releases in september 2015, the pulbicatio launched a crowd funding campaign on Kisskissbankbank. Sasha Kaspy, Motion Designer, has brought to life Pli to this occasion, thanks to a support film. That was the first design graphics collaboration to thanks our 110 participants !

Partage: Tw, Fb.

Prendre le Pli

Le projet crowndfunding de la semaine

par le magazine Étapes

Pli 01 (out of stock)